Just because of the Sound, this Game is Prohibited in Saudi Arabia!

Februari 21, 2020
Not just appearing as a tangible result of civilization, culture has indeed grown into a filter that is most capable of maintaining values ​​that are considered suitable with people's lives in a particular environment. He became the earliest bastion to filter out what was considered appropriate and inappropriate.

Even in some countries, especially those who integrate religious values ​​into government systems, strict censorship is applied as the best alternative to maintaining this value. One example, Saudi Arabia.

There are many reasons that make a game not pass the censorship and is prohibited from being circulated in a country. Most of these relate to violence, overly explicit cruelty, or content that offends a country's government. However, for more trivial reasons like sound?

Saudi Arabia might be the first to do it. This Middle Eastern country has banned the circulation of a free iOS game titled "Shoe Wars" because it contains sound effects that are considered "indulgent" sexual aura that is too thick. The scream of the woman who was told was trying to jump and reach for her dream shoes is considered a threat to the culture of Saudi Arabia as a whole.

For those of you who are familiar with "fan-service" games born from Japanese developers, the sound produced by the female characters in Shoe Wars hardly represents anything. There are so many other games in this world that can make your imagination run wild just because of the sound that is presented in it. However, given that most games have never been officially entered and released for Saudi Arabia, fear of "sexual sensations" that seem weak for games like Shoe Wars is very reasonable.

How about you? Have you ever found a game  that offers sound effects that are too sensual that makes your mind fly wild? For me personally, no one has been able to defeat the voice of "Love, Fireworks, Ferris Wheel" from the old Playstation - Incredible Crisis game .

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